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They are nature's most powerful element, revolutionizing the way families manage their health naturally. Essential Oils are volatile aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots and flowers of plants. Essential Oils are more than just natural products. Essential oils have dozens of benefits that can be used to help you physically, mentally and emotionally in your daily life.

Why Essential Oils?

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They are the worlds leading essential oil company known for being the most tested and purest essential oils on the market. When you choose doTERRA you choose a company that thoroughly tests each oil using the Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Quality Protocol. doTERRA worked with experienced growers to ensure the best growing conditions and produce the purest, highest quality essential oils.

Why doTERRA?

My top 10 favorite essential oils:

DigestZen- Digestive support, Indigestion, Motion Sickness

On Guard- Immune Support, Non-Toxic Cleaner, Oral Health

Breathe- Respiratory Support, Snoring, Restful Sleep

Oregano- Skin Imperfections, Immune Support, Cooking

Lavender- Calming, Sleep, Stress, Seasonal Threats, Bug Bites 

Peppermint- Cooling, Head Tension, Energy, Seasonal Threats

Lemon- Cleansing, Detox, Digestive Health, Seasonal Threats

Tea Tree- Skin Irritations, Sinus & Immune Support, Healthy Scalp

Frankincense- Glowing Skin, Aches, Discomforts, Head Tension

Deep Blue- Soothes sore muscles, Head and neck tension

Want to Get Started?

Step One: Pick Your Kit

Healthy Start Kit


The Healthy Start Kit is the easiest kit to get started to support your family's basic health needs for sore muscles, achy joints, non-toxic cleaning, respiratory system, digestion, detox, immunity, stress, sleep, healthy cells, skin, nails & ears. 

Healthy Home


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This Healthy Home kit is ideal to get started if you're wanting to reduce your toxic exposure by using non toxic household products. This kit includes the top 10 oils in FULL SIZE bottles along with other products to give you the best start.


NaturalSolutions Kit


The Natural Solutions Enrollment Kit is perfect if you are really excited about natural health and wellness and want to create an instant supply of non toxic lifestyle products. You’ll have all the basic tools needed to handle the unexpected things that come your way. This amazing kit is one of the BEST values for your money and it is one of the best-selling essential oil kits!

Step Two: Become a Member

Ready to Join doTERRA? We’ve made it super easy! Follow these step-by-step instructions. It will explain to you how to become a wholesale member with doTERRA.

  • Step 1: Click on this link – doTERRA Wholesale Enrollment (By using this link you are becoming a member of our amazing team.)

  • Step 2a: Select your Language & Country of Residence

  • Step 2b: Make sure that the option “Wholesale Prices” is selected. This membership will give you the deepest discount (25% on all products) but will NOT obligate you in any way to sell or buy. 

  • Step 3: Fill out the top of the application with your personal information…address, birthday, etc… 

  • Step 4: Enter your password for your Virtual Office. This is where you will be able to place future orders and track past orders.

  • Step 5: Read Terms and Conditions and Check Box

  • Step 7: Select how you want to enroll. Most people choose an enrollment kit because they give you a good foundation, they are priced lower than wholesale, and the enrollment fee is included. Click to view the ENROLLMENT KITS.

  • Step 8: Select continue and on the next page you will see an overview of your order and enter your payment information. If you are trying to qualify for a special promotion please make sure to double check your PV amount. Most promotions are setup with a qualifying pv amount.

Step Three: Let's Connect

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Welcome to the team! Upon successful submission of your application doTERRA will send you an email with your distributor ID and instructions on how to enter your Virtual Office. Important!! Once you enroll send me an email to I’ll follow up with an invite to our teams FB group and the link to my calendar to schedule a COMPLIMENTARY wellness consult! Can’t wait to help you get started with these amazing oils!

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